Firewood for sale

Big bags of seasoned hardwood logs
Seasoned hardwood logs

Premium Grade Logs:

Approx .6 m3 (roughly the volume of a standard builders ‘tonne’ bag) of dry, premium species, hardwood logs. Split, seasoned and ready to burn.  £75

Grade Two Firewood:

Pick your own IBC  (over 1 cubic meter) crate of fully seasoned ‘grade two’ firewood such as poplar, horse chestnut, cedar, fir, pine,  yew, willow etc. It all burns and saves you money. £60 (subject to availability)

DIY cordwood and rings:

Subject to availability, come and fill your own trailer with unseasoned tree trunks and rings for you to cut, split and store at home. Premium species £40 per cubic meter, grade two species £20 per cubic meter.

Wood Chunks:

Ideal for Pizza Ovens and BBQs. Single species available for Smokers
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Collection By Appointment Only
from Hesketh Bank, Lancashire PR4 6AE
Please contact Mark on 07834 324080 (Office hours only PLEASE)