Wood fuel for smokers, pizza ovens, log burners and boilers

Big bags of seasoned hardwood logs
Big bags of seasoned hardwood logs

Premium Hardwood Logs:

Approx .6 m3 of dry, seasoned hardwood logs, split and ready to burn.

Mixed Logs:

Approx .6 m3) of mixed hardwood and softwood logs.
Fully seasoned, split and sawn to length. Ready to burn.

Wood Chunks:

Ideal for Pizza Ovens and BBQs. Single species available for Smokers
Please see WoodChunks.co.uk for more information

We supply locally grown, naturally seasoned wood fuel and firewood logs.

Collection only from Hesketh Bank, Lancashire PR4 6AE
Please contact Mark on 07834 324080 (Office hours only PLEASE)